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Lawrence Hamm for U.S. Senate 2024

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Lawrence “Larry” Hamm is running for U.S. Senator in the 2024 New Jersey Democratic Primary. Larry has dedicated his life to fighting for justice. As Chairman of People’s Organization For Progress, he fights for the people. He supported Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaigns.

He will fight for: 

~ Medicare for All 

~ Reparations for Slavery

~ Affordable Housing

~ Laws to Stop Police Brutality

~ Stop Climate Change

~ Gun Control/Ban Assault Weapons

~ Stronger Voting Rights

~ Eliminate Poverty and End Food Insecurity

~ Tax the Rich and Big Corporations

~ Stop the Wars and Cut Military Spending 

~ Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank

Overturn Citizens United
~ Increase Federal Minimum Wage to $17 per hour
~ Higher Wages & Salaries/Living Wage for All

~ Free College

~ End Student Debt

~ Protect and Expand Social Security

~ Protect Women’s Reproductive & Abortion Rights

~ Stronger Union Rights

Please make a donation.  Click here or scan the QR code below to make a campaign contribution.






To volunteer for the campaign call 973 332-6195. Thank you.

Lawrence Hamm, candidate for US Senator of NJ, 2024

 “Senators should fight every day to make life better for all of us. For me that means, first and foremost, fighting for Medicare For All. We can cover every person in this country with better healthcare than we have now - no premiums, no deductibles - and we cover 80 million people that are currently uninsured or under-insured. We can do this by eliminating private insurance which siphons off one trillion dollars every year from our healthcare dollars.”                                     - Lawrence Hamm

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Mailing Address:  P.O. Box  25414, Newark, NJ    07101

To Volunteer, call 973-332.6195

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